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At SmartNinja, we teach useful and practical IT skills. Our mission is to help people discover and grow their talents and skills in the IT field. These skills can help you get a job or even create one! We organize coding courses, cybersecurity courses and database courses that are all suitable for beginners.
Our main courses focus on web development, which is the most sought-after skill in the IT job market. Other courses of ours focus on hacking and internet security, bots, databases, etc. We constantly review our course offerings and make sure they are always up to date.
Most of our courses do not require any prior knowledge. The only exception is the Web development 2 course, which requires the successful completion of the Web development 1 course.
No, not at all. The vast majority of programmers never need to use any math in their work. Only if you'd want to work in fields such as data science, machine learning, advanced computer graphics and similar, you'd need to use math. But most other fields (like web development) don't need it.
Our coding trainers are people who are coding professionals. They either work in other companies as programmers or are coding freelancers. They are experienced, and they can teach you a lot about how to code and what the life of a coder looks like. 👩‍💻‍👨‍💻
Yes, usually 50% before the course starts and 50% after.
If you already paid for the course, we can return the whole course fee if the cancellation occurs at least 14 days before the course starts. For more details, please read Terms & Conditions at the bottom of any course page.
No, only in-person (classroom) courses.
The answer depends on how well you did in the course. If you are very motivated, do homework regularly and discover an engineering talent within yourself, you can land an internship after our Web development 2 course.
You should at least try it out. 🙂 Web development 1 is perfect for this. In this course, you can see if coding is something you would like to do in your life - either as a hobby or maybe even as a new profession.
This is the question that many beginners ask themselves. In the end, it doesn't really matter, because the basic principles of programming are the same in every programming language. We teach Python (in the Web development 1 course), which is a very beginner-friendly programming language. So, once you learn programming in Python, it's not hard to switch to any other programming language.
We recommend a laptop with at least 4GB of RAM and an SSD disk.
Our courses are usually for adults (18+), but we might consider students who are at least 15 years old.

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